How to Write a Book Report

A book report is typically an essay written after the completion of text. The purpose of a book report is for the author to show that he or she has a good understanding of the text and has spent some amount of time thinking about it. Writing a book report is not terribly different than other types of writing. A book report in particular should answer what the book is about. This will include a substantial amount of summary.

How to Write a Good Book Report

To write a good book report, you need your summary with your commentary. A good book report does not include massive amounts of summary with purposeless detail. You need to have some level of summary in your book report to show that you have indeed read the text. That will require some details. But, this summary needs to be crafted with purpose. Ask yourself why am I including these details in my summary? Can I connect all of these details to my commentary in a useful way?

To craft quality commentary, you need to have spent some time thinking critically about the story. The details of your particular assignment may give you some guidance on what your commentary involves. You may provide your opinion of the text. Was it successful in being entertaining? Was the story clear but not predictable? In a book report, you will need some commentary; however, the majority of your report should be focused on purposeful summary.

How to Write a High School Book Report

Most likely your teacher has provided specific details on what you need to include in your book report. At the high school level you need to accomplish two main goals with your book report. You need to confidently display to your teacher that you did in fact read the assigned book. You also need to show that you spent at least some time thinking critically about the text. To get a good grade you must only include summary which is purposeful. High school book reports which get poor grades often have unorganized and seemingly random summary throughout. If you can articulate why you are including particular details in your summary, you are likely to get a good grade.