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VBA macros in Excel: visualize, automate, improve

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Excel software is widely used in business and finance because of its simplicity and accessibility. A sufficiently large enterprise runs complex calculations that often require the input of numerous variables by hand. When all the data is stored across many tables that, in turn, contain sheets with hundreds and thousands of rows and columns, whoever working with the data will find it nearly impossible to manage it without errors.
This is where the macros come in.
The variety of tasks the macros deal with is just immense. Your VBA script can display a simple notification to the user and create a reasonably complex interface alike. All the calculation conundrums that the basic Excel formulas have trouble with are swiftly resolved with the help a bit of programming in Visual Basic for Applications (that’s what VBA stands for). One of the common examples is the so-called circular dependency. An Excel table won’t let you calculate a value in A1 cell that takes up a B1 amount as an argument, if the B1 value, in turn, depends on A1. A few lines of code in the macro editor do the trick.
‘What does my Excel homework have to do with programming?’, you might think. We correctly understand your concern! After all, you may never get to use macros in practice. There are dozens of alternatives that spare you the trouble of learning a particular programming language to solve any given business task.
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