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Ten Tips for Writing a Winning Essay

Constructing any type of academic composition, whether it’s for your career or education, can stand as a daunting task to those uninitiated with the process. Speaking from personal experience, I can attest to how difficult it is to write a paper for first time – and, being honest, for the next few writings as well. Hide

Working to obtain a Master’s, composition writing is a strict requirement in many fields. It’s also required in many professional walks of life. In total, I completed over a dozen essays in a four-year span and working through the process alone, I have reached the conclusion that no one else should have to.

Below, you will read ten great essay-related ideas, which, if abided, should help you through the process.

Understand the Assignment

It may seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at just how many individuals fail to comprehend the actual assignment. It’s this lack of basic comprehension which leads to those proverbial hurdles on the path. Hide

Go through the topic, analyzing it word by word, until you understand the scope and scale of the project. Never be afraid to underline, highlight, take notes and/or ask questions. The more you know about your assignment, the easier it will be to complete.

Thorough Research is Paramount

When I first started to write my paper, “research” was a word that meant a quick 15-minute cram session. After failing to express the ideas clearly, it was apparent that proper research was required. Try researching through multiple avenues: Hide

  • Check multiple online resources
  • Check with libraries and view old archival material
  • Consult with willing alumni or experts in the field
  • Look at other related fields to better grasp the context of your topic
  • Double-check everything you’re using to ensure facts and figures can be backed up
  • Organize Your Plate

After research has begun, you should now move on to the organization stage. Material must be absorbed, but it must also be retained and organized in order to properly flesh out loose ideas into coherent composing. Hide

Highlight and make notes of key points of emphasis, keep your research information cataloged properly, and try to bring about a cohesive flow in your format before you really dig your heels in to the project.

Seek Qualified Examples

A tip which often gets muddled in writing is the example. Seeking out examples of great essays is a fantastic way to ensure you’re formatting your paper’s properly and are witnessing the quality of the work that goes into final delivery. Hide

Too many people take “using an example” to mean “copying the work,” and while they may not outright plagiarize the examples, they still manage to copy from them. This isn’t the goal of using examples; you should focus on the layout and the quality and emulate the style and structure.

Brainstorming for Ideas

Now, with most advice you’re going to receive about essay writing, “brainstorming” will be one of the top ideas listed. However, as I first began to do my writing, I found that initial brainstorming did nothing but preempt my creativity. Everything I had gathered through the brainstorming locked me inside of a box. Hide

Once you have gone through your research, organized your ideas and understood how you want to actually structure your essay, then you can begin the brainstorming. This gives you a fresh way to approach the actual procedure.

Begin the Drafting

It may be something you really don’t want to hear but a winning composition is actually a handful of essays in one. It’s the culmination of a series of sketches. Some start with a single draft and refine it for a final product but there’s a process to drafting if you want to put your best foot forward. Hide

  • Draft your ideas together into a complete document
  • Work through the rough mockup and build a coherent written piece
  • Thoroughly edit this paper for errors
  • Start to search through the draft to remove hyperbole, unnecessary verbiage, and streamline the process
  • See if you can implement more actual facts and figures into your work
  • Refine your prose and carefully edit your entire body of work
  • Set this draft aside to use as a template and rewrite your essay anew for a “final” draft

Refining Your Format

With your outline, which will now serve as your last draft before finalizing the actual composition, take the opportunity to ensure that it reads like a proper composition. You want a short yet succinct introduction to the work, followed by the actual paragraphs containing the data which supports your thesis and then a gracious, quick conclusion to wrap up your thoughts. The reason for a reminder of this order is important. Hide

Too many think of Tarantino-style moviemaking as a suitable creative format. Keeping things conventional in this regard is the safe play.

Fleshing out the Final Draft

Via the tips above, you have accomplished the template for your final outline but the process is not over yet. This is where special attention needs to be paid to your grammar. Your grammar not only includes your spelling, but it also encompasses your structure, tone, and use of the English language in general. Hide

It’s important here to walk that fine line between strictly scientific and storyteller. In other words, you have to manage to deliver the supporting evidence for your composition’s premise in a way that’s accurate, easy to understand, and entertaining to read. Now you see the importance of the sequence.

Hand it to the Critics

When your piece is completed, it helps to hand it over to someone with fresh eyes and a discerning nose. When I write my essay topics out, handing them off to peers for analysis is a welcomed part of the process. You should do the same. Hide

Not only will fresh eyes help you catch mistakes you missed, but the constructive criticism may help you to further streamline your language or to make your work more engaging.

Consulting Professionals

You may be one of the many people out there who wish to skip over these tips while shouting “do my essay” out to the heavens. Well, while having your essay completed for you is a bad idea for multiple reasons, there are different resources you can look into to help with ideas, the researching, editing, etc. This may be an avenue you wish to explore.


The tips listed in the text above aren’t gimmicky or meant to artificially pad your confidence. These are the actual tips I use every time I write my creative piece on a new topic and I have used these tips faithfully for years.

Following these steps should help to ensure the completion of a successful essay whether you want to do it from scratch on your own or you just Google “write my paper for me”.

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